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AmazonDrops is the youngest sister company of Amazon Oil, which was founded in 1985 in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, committed to provide alternative income to indigenous communities in the Brazilian Amazon thus, discouraging cutting down the trees for trading the timber.

 Partnered with local government and international cooperation enterprises for sustainable development to create the project called Each Drop Saves a Tree, which consists in providing equipment, technical and organizational training to small farmers organized in Cooperatives and Associations, enabling them to harvest plants, leaves, flowers, seeds and nuts throughout the Brazilian Amazon. This harvested material is converted by cold pressed extraction into oils, butters, powders concentrates which are used to make our products, as well maming them available to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.

 This work has been the best and the most effective way to make possible that entire communities and indigenous tribes profit from their knowledge of the forest resources instead of cutting down the trees, therefore encouraging environment preservation. The elimination of the middleman has been a key for honoring the practice of Fair Trade, which has empowered small farmers and indigenous communities to preserve their ancestral lands and traditions, so that they may continue being Guardians of the Forest.

 AmazonDrops products are completely handmade bay blending active ingredients of the forest, according to ancient traditions and knowledge of the plants and handled in a way that preserves the integrity of all active beneficial properties of the plants. This results in a product that does have the full spectrum of healing and beautifying properties delivered to skin and hair.

 An AmazonDrops product carries the quality of the indigenous traditional holistic medicine in which all parts of life are interconnected, and none can be understood in isolation from the others. This holism views the forest as an extended social system in which social relations include not only humans, but also other living beings such as plants, animals and spirits.


This approach has made possible to create a product that is:

Good for Our Body: Amazon Drops products are 100% natural. The botanicals used in our products grow and are wild harvested in the Amazon Rainforest and they are handled in a way to keep the integrity of their phytonutrients as found on the trees. No synthetic/chemicals are added neither at the extraction process nor to the final product. The effectiveness of these botanicals has been proved for generations of indigenous people who live inside the Amazon Rainforest when dealing with their health challenges.

 Good for Our Soul: 100% Fair Trade. All raw material used on Amazon Drops products is sustainable and community traded from several small farmers who live inside the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest and depend on the forest for their survival. Supported and encouraged by our company, these farmers have joined together in associations as a way to empower themselves against deforestation. This partnership has been generating alternative income and giving thousands of indigenous people on the Amazon Rainforest a fair profit for their knowledge of the forest resources.

 Good for Our Planet: The trees that grow the seeds used to make Amazon Drops products have been saved from being cut down for the timber, which is helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest - "The Lung of the World". Teaching indigenous communities in the Amazon that they can benefit themselves by trading non-timber forest resources, such as seeds, nuts and leaves instead of cutting down the trees for the timber has been one of the best and effective ways of encouraging environment preservation, saving the Amazon Rainforest for future generations.

 AmazonDrops - From the Trees to the Body!



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